Huachuang Rubber

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Establishment and Development of the Company

Huachuang Company was founded in 1998, formerly Shantou Huachuang Electronic Products Factory, and later invested in Dongguan City to establish Dongguan Huachuang Rubber Products Co., Ltd., Dongguan Dongyu New Material Technology Co., Ltd., Dongguan Xingfeiyu Rubber Products Co., Ltd., headquartered in Dongguan Huachuang Rubber Products Co., Ltd. There are 760 workers and the total area of the factory is 35,000 feet. The company mainly develops, designs, manufactures and sells electronic parts, automotive parts, toy parts and other products. In the field of electronic components, it has become a supplier of many well-known enterprises at home and abroad, such as Sony, Hisense, Bugao and Huafeng Electrical Appliances. Thermosetting FRP composite moulding products, automotive windshield scrubber hoses, seals, floor leather, sound insulation cotton, rubber and plastic parts and other mature applica