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Corporate culture

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Passion: Grow up in a passionate job, find a sense of belonging in a happy job, and regard work as your career.
Speed: Pay attention to teamwork ability, efficient operation of the team, greatly improve the speed of work, to ensure efficiency.
Details: Details determine success or failure, linking up every link, and doing every little detail with heart.
Execution: An efficient operation team should ensure good execution and strictly implement each work instruction of its superiors.
Customer First: Adhering to the idea that customers are God, do a good job in service, impress customers with sincerity, and maintain customers with love.
Teamwork: With the team spirit of "wolf", 1 + 1 is greater than 2, and exerts the greatest potential of employees in team cooperation.
Embrace Change: Keep up with the international trend, adapt to the changes of international fashion, grow in the changes, and make progress in the changes.
Professional Innovation: Aigang dedication, unique creativity, keeping pace with the times, walking in the forefront of international fashion.
Enterprise Spirit: Service has only a starting point, satisfaction has no end point.
Enterprise Vision: With the vision of "household first", the company will exploit the market in a large scale, develop steadily, and provide more choices for the vast number of customer service.
Business philosophy: Use brand to achieve life, coexist with partners and win-win situation.

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